Ethically Steal The Framework I Use To Rapidly Scale New Shopify Stores To $100,322/Month In Under 60 Days By Letting Facebook Do All The Work...
Ethically Steal The Framework I Use To Rapidly Scale New Shopify Stores To $100,322/Month In Under 60 Days By Letting Facebook Do All The Work...
Note: Only Use This Framework If You're Ready To Fulfill 50+ Shopify Orders Per Day
Only Accepting 100 New Students Every Month
Don't Take My Word For It... Just Take A Look At
The INSANE Results Our Students Are Getting.
100% No Questions Asked Guarantee
If you are not happy with this program for any reason, you can cancel at any time and have your last month refunded. Just send us an email and we will process your request right away without any hassle. This is a 100% risk-free opportunity. 
Only Accepting 100 New Students Every Month
What's Included In The Accelerator Program?
  • Weekly Live Coaching Classes: Get personal mentorship on your website and business from Matt and his team each week. (You'll also gain access to all the previous session replays)
  • Have Matt Personally Review Your Shopify Store & Marketing Strategy: Every member is eligible for an in-depth video review of your website and marketing strategy.
  • Access To The Growing Training Library of Step-By-Step Videos On Building a Successful Drop-Shipping Business Through Shopify: Learn the exact methods Matt and his team use to build 6-figure Shopify stores with FREE Traffic, Email Marketing, YouTube Hacking and much more.
  • Access To The Accelerator Private Facebook Group: Join and network with the hundreds of other students already getting results, ask questions, get advice and be the first to get the latest Accelerator content.
  • Copy & Paste Matt's Product Lists To Your Stores: Inside the program you'll gain access to Matt's exact proven and tested Shopfiy product list .CSV files to upload directly to your store, start driving traffic and profit. (New product lists & templates are uploaded each month)
  • Not The Same Old Bullshit You've Heard Before: You're going to learn the REAL methods to build and scale a drop-shipping store. This is not another 17 year old YouTuber with a webcam from his mom's basement. We PROMISE, you've never been taught these methods before.
Only Accepting 100 New Students Every Month
Take A Peak Inside The Training Library...
  • Week #1: The Real Way To Do Product Research & Choose Winning Products. Learn the secret tactics behind finding real winning products. (No more sorting by 'best selling' on AliExpress...)
  • Week #2: Growing Your Store to $3,000 - $4,000/Month With FREE TRAFFIC. You're going to learn the exact repeatable method's Matt uses to grow $300/day stores with 12+ free traffic methods.
  • Week #3: Email Marketing Mastery: Most Shopify store owners leave 40% of their profit on the table every single day. Learn How to 8x your average customer value with automated email marketing.
  • Week #4: Video Marketing Class: In the current age of the internet video is king. Period. If you're not properly using video marketing for your business you're losing. Big time.
  • Week #5: Scaling With Paid Ads: You're going to learn the REAL WAY to run profitable Facebook & Google ad campaigns. (Not the interest targeting, $5/day bullsh*t you've been fed on YouTube)
  • Week #6: How To Flip Brand New Shopify Stores For Quick Cash: Learn how to quickly build & flip Shopfiy "Starter-Sites" on The Shopify Exchange for $500 - $1000 EACH, the loophole for listing for free and more.
  • Week #7: VIP Tricks & Secrets: Learn from my mistakes. Not yours. You'll learn my VIP secrets like how to avoid paying chargebacks, automating your support system and growing a massive brand.
On Top Of That You're Also Getting Access To...
  • The Complete Library Of Live Class Replays: An additional 30+ HOURS OF CONTENT from the weekly live coaching classes hosted by Matt and his team. These calls include new methods, Q&A sessions & live mentorship sessions with other students.
  • 60+ Shopify Website Reviews: Every student is eligible for an in-depth video review of their store and personal strategy session by Matt. This includes your social media profiles and marketing campaigns.
  • Business Blueprint Videos: We're always working hard to come up with new e-commerce businesses and when we do they're posted here. From a 24 Hour Print on Demand Business, Selling Licensed Products and even starting your own Coffee Subscription Company
  • Shopify Basic Training: If you're a complete newbie when it comes to Shopify, we've included a separate mini-course on the basics of setting up brand new Shopify store from scratch.
Only Accepting 100 New Students Every Month
FREE Accelerator Merch
And Other Bonuses
Each month you're a part of the Accelerator program new bonus are unlocked for you. These include free Accelerator branded shirts, hats & hoodies, free coaching calls with Matt, free months off your membership, being interviewed on video and much more soon to come...
How Do I Know Matt Is The Real Deal?
Matthew Sabia is a self-made internet entrepreneur who's built multiple succesful e-commerce brands and a 7-figure affiliate marketing empire using the blueprints and techniques you'll learn inside this programs.
Who Is Matthew Sabia?
  •  Went From $50k In Debt to 7-Figures/Year
  •  Featured in Forbes & Business Week
  •  7-Figure "Super" Affiliate Marketer
  •  Vegan
  •  Best Looking Internet Marketer
In This Video, Matt Logs In LIVE To One of His Multiple Shopify Stores And Shows Real Proof
Other Frequently Asked Questions
What Makes This Program Different?
First off, The Accelerator Program isn't just another video course. It's a personal coaching program with a library of training content included. You're getting personal mentorship form some of the most succesful drop-shippers in the world.

Secondly, the training included with this program teaches you methods that ACTUALLY get results. This is NOT another copy and paste "find a best selling product on AliExpress, slap together a store and test with $5 interest target Facebook ads" course. You're going to learn the real way to choose winning products, generate floods of free traffic to generate $3000-$4000/month then scale with Facebook and Google Shopping ads the CORRECT WAY.
How Soon Can I Expect To See Results?
The Accelerator program is structured in a series of weeks to help you focus on each step of the process. Most students begin to see results within the first couple of weeks after following the training and implementing the methods laid out in the program.
How Do I Know If This Program Is For Me?
This program takes you from the very beginner levels with the Shopify Basic Training mini-course inside of the library all the way through scaling your business with advanced paid ad and brand building strategies. So whether you're a complete newbie when it comes to internet marketing or a veteran looking to hone their skills The Accelerator will provide you massive value.
Can I Cancel The Program Or Get My Money Back?
Yes. If at any time you make the deaccession that this program isn't right for you simply contact our support team ( to cancel your membership and get a full refund for your last month. The Accelerator has a 100% no questions asked guarantee. 
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